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Aloha Online/Mobile Ordering offers a to allow customers to place online and/or mobile orders.  With Aloha Online Ordering, your customers can be anywhere they have access to a technology device where they can visit your website. Your team reaches more customers, enhances customer satisfaction, drives customer sales, and as a result, store profitability.

Web-based Order System

With today’s technology, many of today’s customers are ready to order from their mobile device or computer. They can even sit in your restaurant, place the order from their device, then quickly pick it up when preparation is complete.

Instant Order Communication

Aloha’s POS system coupled with web online ordering ensures transactions are fast and received at the site intended by the customer. Your guests know the exact dollar amount of their purchase, including the correct tax. It can be setup to allow them to pay online or when they pickup their order.

Customer Security and Convenience

If a customer chooses, they can create an account. They can save their favorite meals for quick future ordering. They can also save their credit card information safely and securely, thus making it quick and easy to reorder.

Order Transparency

The thorough integration of Aloha online ordering with the Aloha POS system facilitate tracking of the customer’s web order, as well as a way to monitor flow from order through prep to customer delivery. Orders submitted online automatically move into the flow of the total kitchen system, keeping the in-store customers in order with the online orders, thus handling all customers equally in the best operational efficiency

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Online/Mobile Ordering

Hosted Solutions



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2208 Texas Ave.

El Paso, Texas


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