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Increase the visibility and control of your operations—anywhere, anytime

Restaurant operators need centralized hosted applications to efficiently analyze operational data and automatically alert management to issues that require attention. Aloha Insight is a web-based application that collects sales and employee data at the restaurant and makes it available via the Intranet and through distributed reports. This powerful tool provides critical capabilities to your business such as drill-down viewer options for fast, high-level to granular examination of data, real-time reporting and data replication for local data warehousing and exports to accounting, payroll and HR systems.

Grow revenue

Measure operational performance accurately to make smart business decisions quickly.

Increase visibility and control

Manage real-time critical data across all sites and implement new database changes in a single site or multiple sites.

Reduce operational costs

Measure, control and reduce food costs by highlighting variances and forecast labor scheduling to maximize employee productivity.

Improve customer service

Spend less time on administration and more time serving customers and improving employee satisfaction.

Customize your data

Consolidate and customize multi-store reporting with extensive drill-down analysis by site, region or concept.

Analyze and manage information

Analyze item details, speed of service rates and order information with robust kitchen operations reports. View lead ticket times to determine how long an order has been in production.

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Aloha Insight

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2208 Texas Ave.

El Paso, Texas



2208 Texas Ave.

El Paso, Texas


PHONE: (915) 544-1402

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