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Cash Register Sales of El Paso © 2017

About Us

Our office building facility covers over 5000 square feet that provides a display for out customers to observe our cutting edge technology. In our large range of Point-of-Sale product offerings, backup equipment for on-site repair staging, testing, and assembling of new installation and a training facility.

   Cash Register Systems of El Paso has been in operation for over 30 years, selling and servicing cash registers and POS systems for three vertical markets involving Fast Food, Grocery, and Fine Dining Systems. We cover a large area of West Texas, Southern New Mexico, and Northern Mexico. Our current product line includes ALOHA RADIANT/IBM Touch Screen Systems. We have selected these products only from these lines based on their reliability and their ability to meet the needs of the end-users in our markets. We have a reputation of outstanding customer service and support. We provide on-site and remote support for over 200 Independent restaurants in these areas. Our professional staff has extensive knowledge of point-of-sale systems, personal computers, computer networking, databases, and report-writing software. Other product offerings we are involved in are Video Surveillance systems, Video production screens, Gift Cards, Internet Reporting, Automated Internet Frequent Diner Programs, Inventory Control Software, Wireless headset and paging systems.

Over 30 years of service

CRS of El Paso Building